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We specialize in serving small and medium-sized businesses in the UK. As an accountancy office, we offer our services to more and more satisfied customers. BMMK is an accounting office in the UK that has strengthened Polish companies’ position in the UK for years. We provide not only comprehensive accounting services but also marketing, recruitment and business consulting.


Thanks to our knowledge, experience and strong position on the market, we guarantee high-quality accounting services.

The annual Self Assessment

Self-employed workers, directors and people earning money outside the UK must submit annual income and loss statements. If this also applies to you, we will help you complete the form correctly, avoid overpayment and meet the settlement date.

LTD Registration

We will carry out the whole registration procedure for you from start to finish. We will prepare documents, report the company to the Companies House and HMRC registry, check the availability of the selected name and deal with contact with British institutions.


We will suggest whether and when you should register your company as a VAT payer. We will conduct complete registration with the British Tax Office (HRMC), remind you of the quarter’s upcoming payment deadline, and deal with current settlements.

who uses our services?


Self-employment is still the simplest and most popular form of business in the UK, intended for small entrepreneurs. Our clients will receive from us, first of all, constant contact with an advisor and advice on all matters of running their businesses.

limited companies

The growing popularity of Limited companies has made their service occupy a special place in BMMK. We provide our clients with both the registration of LTD companies in Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs and keeping its accounting.


At BMMK, we settle accounts for entrepreneurs investing in the real estate market in the UK. We provide accounting services for both beginner companies and large investors. We advise on how to settle costs, rent and other forms of using real estate, as well as how to divide the income between investors.

Shops and wholesalers

Running stores and wholesalers in the UK requires diligence, especially in documenting the number of goods sold and purchased. At BMMK, we take this obligation off our clients. We deal with full accounting, thanks to which our clients can focus on developing their business.

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